Token Traders List

This is a list of people who are interested in trading tokens. Inclusion on this list does not imply any kind of guaranty of good character from me, but only means that the person asked to be listed. If you would like to be added to or removed from this list, or to make any changes to your listing, please send me a note: pineconeforge(at) List is in alphabetical order by last name. To reduce spam, I removed the "mailto" link unless the person requested one. To contact a person, paste the address into your email program and replace the "(at)" with "@".

Henrik v. Andersen, hva(at) - I collect coins and tokens (private coins) from Greenland, St. Thomas, Iceland (pre-1944) and from the Danish West Indies, at the time I don't have many to swap, but if you have any, you are interested in parting with, I 'll be most interested in buying the ones I'm missing. Also if you have any questions on this topic, Iíll be glad to help you as far as my knowledge goes, so feel free to e-mail me.

Manuel A. Ayala, mayala(at) - I collect Latin American and Caribbean hacienda, commerical, mining and transportation tokens. I am especially interested in tokens from Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, but I am not limited to these countries alone. I also collect Connecticut and Rhode Island tokens. I am currently working on two catalogs, one on Costa Rican tokens and the other on Connecticut tokens ,so if anyone has tokens or information that I could use I would greatly appreciate the exchange.

Scott Balson, gwb(at) - I am an author and researcher. One of my first works was researching the history of South Africa's "forgotten currency", the trade tokens of Strachan and Co. My interest lies in tokens and coins related to the Griqua people as well as tokens in the East Griqualand region. I have a web site at: which gives a comprehensive history of the Strachan and F C Larkan tokens. Sets of these tokens were issued between the 1870s to 1920s in the region known then as Nomansland (now known as East Griqualand).

Alan Bleviss, alanbleviss(at) - a serious collector of Civil War Storecard Tokens

Jim Calvert, jnlcalvert(at) - Interested in purchasing or trading sales tax tokens, tax scrip or any related items including Canadian. I have many harder to find tokens for trade.

Ken Chylinski - Interested in merchant "good-for" tokens from most states, no amusement, modern, or "hoard" tokens. Have Civil War tokens, love tokens, notgeld, encased coinage, US and foreign coins, 90% US silver rolls, misc. exonumia. Ken Chylinski, PO Box 66, St. Clair, MI 48079

John Ciecka - Interested in transportation tokens, "good-fors" from eastern (PA/NJ down to FL) and southwestern states, and encased coins. Have varied tokens and exonumia to trade. John Ciecka, 1540 Society Hill Dr., Bensalem, PA 19020-3689

Danny Dufour, dan.duf(at) - I'm a transportation (transit) token collector. I concentrate on tokens from Canada.

Ric Gandy, antiqueslots(at) - I am a coin op collector who also collects old amusement tokens (slot machine, trade stimulator, payout pinball, gold award, etc.). I have bought several large batches of old tokens and literally have thousands of these tokens from the common stock tokens to the uncommon non stock tokens.

Larry J. Grinstead, I collect & am currently trying to put together a listing of Missouri Good For tokens. Also interested in Civil War storecards, love tokens & anything unusal. Have several traders. Let me know what you have.

Dick Hanscom, akcoins(at) - collector of Yukon, Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and Antarctic exonumia. Dealer in Polar Regions numismatics with emphasis on Alaska.

Amanda Harley, scoobydogg187(at) I'm looking for transit tokens from anywhere. I'm not looking for rare ones at this point, I'm looking for inexpensive ones to start my collection. I can buy or trade. I have current transit tokens from Toronto, Canada to offer in trade.

Ralph Harnishfeger, rharnish(at) - I collect dog (pet, not military) tags from all places but especially Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania as well as good for tokens from these same states. I have some duplicates to trade.

Rich Hartzog, hartzog(at) - (AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia) Collects pre-1901 Illinois exonumia (tokens, medals, etc.), and Rockford IL area items. As World Exonumia, buys, sells and auctions all types of exonumia: Tokens, medals buttons, badges, ribbons, World's Fair, Political, Masonic/Fraternal and other similar items. Stop by our web page, register and get $5 off!

Greg Harvat, harvat(at) - exonumia from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, specifically "Good For" tokens, better transportation items, older bar chips, encased mirrors, sutler tokens, directories / phone books, and most anything unusual.

Bror Hellman, bror.hellman(at) (Sweden) - collects Coca-Cola tokens and Disney
related tokens. Also interested in Beer and brewery related tokens.

Jose Henriquez, jml.henriquez(at) - I collect from all Latin American countries, with specially interest in "Haciendas" tokens (plantations). Also have great interest in "Salitre Mines" tokens from in Chile, Peru and Bolivia. I still working on a catalog token from Dominican Republic, my home. (alternate email:

John Hoffman, MercedTokn(at) - Collector / documentarian of old & modern Trade Tokens & other Exonumia, card room Poker Chips, and Dog License Tags from Madera, Mariposa, Merced & Stanislaus Counties CALIFORNIA. Also collect other smaller items from this area including photo post cards, advertising thimbles, advertising & good for mirrors, encased coins, food stamp tokens (especially three Mavericks: BI RITE LIQUORS; CENTURY MART INC; and RIPPERDAN MARKET), elongated cents, and advertising 'tokens'. Will buy; also have tokens to trade from California and elsewhere (plus some significant world coins).

John Hudgins, bjandjt(at) - I am a collector of all Alabama tokens mine, lumber and merchant tokens. I am writing a new Alabama token book and if you have any unlisted tokens from Alabama please send the information to me to be added to the book.

Roy Hudnell, royhudnell(at) - I am a full line token collector aiming mainly at amusement tokens, both modern and older, and with a special emphasis on Chuck E Cheese, with lots of CEC traders and looking for the rare ones.

Greg Ingram, ingramgs(at) - I collect and Canadian Pre-Confederation Tokens, often called Bretons. Examples are Nova Scotia, Ships Colonies & Commerce, Blacksmith, Un Sou, Tiffin tokens 1812, 1813, Bust and Harp Tokens 1820, Trade and Navigation, Rutherford Newfoundland.

Pete Irion, Petervt(at) - I collect many different areas of exonumia. My primary collection is "ships" on tokens and medals. I am also an avid collector of worldwide transportation tokens, especially tokens depicting ferries. I also collect the personal tokens and storecards of "numismatists" and coin dealers and dealerships. Other areas of interest are: German beer tokens, especially the towns of Erlangen and Nurnberg, Danish West Indies tokens, Ceylon Coffee Picker tokens, Assam Tea Garden tokens, and Canadian Breton tokens, and tokens from the State of Vermont. I do have alot to trade, so please email me.

Kelly Kerr, kkerr16(at) - Serious collector of Indian Trader & Trading Post tokens. Special interest in the Four Corners area (AZ, NM, UT, CO) but all offerings considered. Have a number of duplicates available for trade.

Al Kohlhardt - I am interested in trading carwash tokens, especially Sofspra. Al Kohlhardt, PO Box 2649, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Mike Leafgreen, michael_leafgreen(at) - I am looking for: Oklahoma Merchant Tokens (Trade Tokens/Good For), Indian Trader, and Post Traders. I would love to hear from you, just send me a message. See my web site at:

Bob Lyall, I collect and research tokens from the smaller British colonies like Malta, Gibraltar (after 1820), Cyprus, Falklands, South Georgia, West Indies, British Guiana, Nigeria, Dahomey (Porto Novo), Sierra Leone, New Hebrides, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, Malaya and British North Borneo etc. and would welcome hearing if you have any to dispose of/swap. I also collect and research tokens from Warrington (England) and would love to hear if you have any so I can record them, please (pubs, druids, trade unions, friendly societies, etc.)

Matt Miller, blix702002(at) - I am looking for Michigan tokens, ones from Monroe, Newport, Ida, Blissfield, Petersburg, Erie and Carleton. I have many world coins and a few tax and merchant tokens for trade.

Kenji Natsume, kenji.natsume(at) - These couple of years I am concentrating on collecting casino tokens for table games as well as for slot machines. In many casinos all over the world, classic slot machines are rapidly replaced by digital machines with no SLOTs to bet your tokens. They only print silent payslips when you win. Shortly you will no longer hear the beautiful noise of metallic tokens being paid out. Those who share this passion with me, please give me a mail.

Vic Nolan, van7970man(at) - I collect Almost all Pennsylvania exonumia. Good for's, acrade, encased coins. etc etc. I also collect all parking tokens, all encased coins. Cracker jack cancelled coins. Tennessee acrade and transportation tokens. Also buying token collections. Have many traders.

John Piatt, interested in any BUTTE MONTANA tokens

Don Rataj, donrataj(at) - I collect magician tokens (MT Kuethe).

Steve Ratliff, Steve(at) - collector of Florida Tokens of all types from good-fors to amusement and all in between. I am an active buyer of Florida tokens and have some traders. Give me a try or let me know if you need some "no obligation" information on identifying Florida tokens or other Florida token info. Steve(at) or 1717 Saint Marys Bay Drive, Milton, FL 32583-7343. Also, ask for information on the Florida Token Society

Kavan Ratnatunga, kavan(at) - I am interested in Purchasing Ceylon coffee tokens which were mostly issued between 1843 and 1883 to add to by collection displayed at as part of my collection of Lankan Numismatics. If you have any I have not shown on my website, please let me know, E-mailing me a 300 dpi or higher image of both sides and it's price. I have a few of the more common coffee tokens and WWII amusement tokens I am willing to trade.

Rhodes, Tom tfrhodes42(at) A collector of Texas Merchant, Sawmill, and Saloon Tokens. I do have a Texas Trade List and an Out of State Trade List.

Errol Rojas, ticoviejo(at) - I collect tokens from Costa Rica and a little from Honduras. I welcome the opportunity in expanding my collection in an effort to produce a better catalog. I have a site in construction it is I can be reached there as well.

Yosef Sa'ar, elat42(at) - Advanced collector buys trasportation tokens of the world. Especially interested in old European city gate tokens, bridge and toll road tokens. Looking for Metro (subway) tokens from cities of the former USSR, China and Korea. Also buying Jewish and Arabic tokens from all countries. What do you have for trade or sale? Shalom from Elat on the Red Sea.

Bob Schneider, - I am a collector that specializes in US transit tokens and OPAs. I do passively collect casino chips and tokens. My web site has all sorts of tokens for trade and sale including car wash, parking, good fors peep show and a lot more. I buy collections of all sizes if the majority of the items are transit tokens

Rion van Zyl Smit, vzs2000(at) - Rion collects tokens, coins, banknotes and medals mainly associated with South and Southern Africa as well as those similar items issued by Germany and in the German colonies. Of special interest are items from the Boer Republics as well as tokens associated with indigenous populations. A indigenous related token would include head and hut tax tokens as issued in New Guinea (now known as Papua New Guinea), in Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe - issued by the British South Africa Company BSAC), the Belgian Congo as well as those issued in Bechuanaland (Botswana - Francistown and Gabarones). Similar head / hut tax tokens often referred to as Passmarken or Native Pass tokens were issued to the native population in German South West Africa (DSWA now known as Namibia). I am interested in corresponding with anyone with a similar collecting interest and am willing to swap or buy items of interest.

Bob Spender, baspend(at) - Collecting arcade, batting cage, roller-coaster and other amusement type tokens, especially the New England state. I do collect all types in the USA and less foreign material. Bob now has a web page with lists of tokens available for trade.

Pat Stambaugh, p.stam(at) - I collect encased beer tokens, and any token advertising Minnesota brands of beer, Hamms, Yoerg, Jordan, Schmidt, Fitger, Gluek, Schellhas, Schuster's, Park, Remmlers, Preis-Wimmer, Grain Belt, etc.

Forrest Stevens, pineconeforge(at) - I collect tokens of all kinds, but with a focus on modern arcade tokens. I have been cataloging Chuck E. Cheese or Showbiz tokens. Also cataloging Mexican "Recuerdo Matrimonial" wedding tokens, and other tokens associated with weddings. I send out a list of my new extra tokens periodically, let me know if you want to get a copy of the next one (mainly arcade tokens, but can have a bit of just about anything).

Dany Trick, danielcudennec(at) - a collector of Magicians'tokens but also: Ventriloquist's tokens, Makers of Magical Appparatus, and Astley's Tokens for umpteen years now

Rik van Dam, info(at) - I collect all parking tokens of the world, I have a site about parking tokens you can fint a list of tokens (parking, car wash, transportation, telephone) I offer to exchange for parking tokens,

Lou Wells, lwells(at) - I collect tokens issued by foreign-owned companies in developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. I also collect all tokens of the Netherlands East Indies and Indonesia.

Colin Williamson, c.j.w(at) - I am interested in any worldwide tokens made out of plastic, toy money, play coins, medallions, etc.

Bill Yates, - I collect merchant and trade tokens, especially from Montana and Missouri. Also will buy any size collection of U.S. tokens or coins if reasonable.

Igor Yurin, graf0man(at) - I'm a token collector from Russia. I collect all kinds of tokens (phone, metro, amusement, etc) from Russia and foreign countries. Post: Russia, 410005, Saratov, post box 218. List of token at (in Russian).

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