Salt Lake City Token Report

This list is pretty complete for about 1996-1998. I haven't been able to update it since I left Salt Lake about June of 1998, but I thought it might still have some interest.

Arcade Tokens:

The 49th St. Gallaria arcade in Murray closed around Spring of 1996. This was the only remaining location that I know of, so the chain seems to be defunct. The location has been taken over by "Utah Fun Dome" a new arcade which is issuing custom tokens ("Utah Fun Dome (r)/Fun on the Inside GT N-R").
-Update- (June 1997) I just got some more tokens from Utah Fun Dome, and there is a new variety. The original tokens issued last year had a narrow border of denticles on each side. These tokens are still the majority, but now there are also a few with -no- border on either side.

The only other local arcade using custom tokens is Sports Park ("Sports Park (2 flags)/NCV HH"). This is the only Sports Park location that I'm aware of.

In Kaysville, north of Salt Lake, is Cherry Hill Recreation Park, which is a campground with batting cages, mini-golf, etc. They have a small arcade which uses custom tokens ("Cherry Hill Cherry Hill" (2 cherries)/"Wild West Game Room 25c Play Value 1982" (pistols)). The only date in use seems to be 1982. Tokens are also used in the batting cages, but these are stock (eagle)/"No Cash Value" tokens.

Salt Lake has several "chain" arcades (Tilt, Cyberstation, Chuck E. Cheese, etc) but as far as I know there are only using the "stock" tokens that are in use by the chains all over the country.

Parking tokens:

The genealogy library uses kind of a neat parking token which has a generic "old car" on one side and "L.D.S." on the other.

-Update- (Nov. 1997) According to a newspaper report, Park City is getting new parking meters, which will use coins, rechargeable cards, or tokens. I have not seen any of these tokens yet.

Carwash tokens:

Several car washes in Salt Lake use tokens, but they are not cheap. Best I've seen is 5/$10 on a special, and that's not worth it to me (not when I can get about 350 mixed arcade tokens from WCS for $10). I don't know what these tokens look like.

Transportation tokens:

The tokens currently in use (Summer 1996) are solid brass, 23mm, "Utah Transit Authority UTA"/"Good for one Local Fare" (beehive). There is another token which has the same side one (UTA), but on the other side says "Good for one Fare Utah Centennial 1896-1996". Bus tokens cost 0.85

-Update- (June 1997) Bus fares have increased to 1.00, I'm not sure if new tokens have been issued, I'll try to find out.

-Update- (summer 1997) UTA has a "Summer Youth Pass" program, for $25 "youths" can buy a pass, which is an aluminium "dog tag" about 1.5 x 2 inches with a hole at the top, embossed with the words "UTA Youth Pass Summer 1997" (or something close to that). This isn't really a token, I suppose, but it kind of is.

Other tokens:

(June 1998) A PetSmart store in Salt Lake has a machine which takes two tokens and makes pet tags. the tokens are 29mm round brass, and one side says "Quick Tag HH" with a picture of a tag, and the other side is the standard "NCV HH". The tokens cost $2.50 each and it takes two tokens to make a tag. I have no idea how widespread these machines and tokens are.

(August 1998) I am informed that all 3 PetSmart stores in Chicago have these tokens, so probably all PetSmart stores use them.

Lagoon amusement park (North of Salt Lake) does not currently use tokens, but does have a display of many trade tokens. Unfortunately, I saw the display after going on a couple roller coasters, so I was not at my best, but it looked like a wide variety of Utah and other Western states trade tokens. The display is inside the park, so you have to pay admission to see it. Lagoon has used tokens in the past, but I have not seem these around very often.

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