Palouse area token report

I will update this list as I find more out about tokens and coin stores in the area. I will be focusing on Moscow/Pullman, but will include information about other towns from ID/WA/OR as I find out about them.


"Zeppoz, Where the Palouse Comes to Play" opened for business 9/1/00. They have an arcade, bowling alley and "golf simulator" (?) but do not use tokens. They are still getting organized, and I'll check back later, but the person I spoke with didn't know of any plans to use tokens. Oh well.
update May 2011- Zeppoz is now using tokens! Just generic so far but I will check back in case they get custom tokens.
update Nov. 2011 - Zeppoz is still using generic tokens
update Sept. 2012 - Zeppoz is now using cards rather than tokens, pretty sure they never got custom tokens

Pullman does not have any coin stores.


Games, Etc - uses custom tokens that include "Moscow, Idaho" in the design. Has been in operation since about 1985, and has used two different reverse designs (that I know of).
update Nov 2001 - Games Etc. has a new token variety: same design as before, but one side has the "HH" mintmark, while the other side has the new "HM" mintmark.
update 2004 - Games Etc. has changed hands and is no longer using tokens.
update 2006 - Games Etc. is now "Bumpers" which I believe is the same as the "Bumpers" in Spokane.
update Nov. 2011 - Bumpers closed a few months ago; Moscow now has no video arcades

Latah Fair - (9/15/00) one of the "games of skill" at the fair used tokens, but it looked like they were just "mixed" and did not have their own design.

Moscow does not have any coin stores. Some of the antique stores downtown sometimes have a few tokens.

Coeur d'Alene:

Jan. 2012 - Stopped at the Cabela's in Post Falls (right next to Coeur d'Alene) and found they have a shooting gallery arcade that uses token. These are the 25mm tokens that have a mule deer on one side. Got a buck's worth of tokens (4) and got 3 from Boise, ID and 1 from Post Falls, ID.

Coeur d'Alene casino does *not* use tokens. (last I checked, which was a few years ago)

"10c Arcade" (ID 250 ARC) seems to be out of business - I couldn't find a listing for them on the intenet, or in the Coeur d'Alene phone book (8/00).

Grady's Coins (sign says "DJ's coins"), 2433 N. Government Way (on West side of the street, just south of Appleway) has some tokens in a "junk box" and a small box of 2x2's.

Northwest Coins & Jewelry, 501 W. Appleway Ave. (on West side of HWY 95, just North of Appleway) has 3 med-sized books of tokens in 2x2s. Many of the prices seemed a bit high to me, but they had some nice stuff which may well be worth what they're asking.


May 2011 - Wonderland in north Spokane is still using the same style of tokens they always have.

Spring 2002: The carousel at RiverFront park is using tokens! I have not had a chance to get one yet, but they sound very nice. Each year they plan to have a different carousel horse on the front, and advertising on the back. Tokens sell for $1 each, one token for a child's ride and 2 tokens for an adult. The tokens do not say "good for a ride" so will not be listed by the AVA, but the AVA has been in touch with them, so next year's tokens might be listable.
update summer 2004 - the carousel is still using the same tokens, but there are vague plans to introduce a new design at some time

Bumpers arcade in North shopping mall uses custom tokens (may be in use at other locations as well).
update Nov. 2001 - Bumpers is using a new token variety, same design as before, but has the new "HM" mintmark in place of the "HH" mintmark. Bumpers used to use some wooden nickels in their prize games. These have been obsolete for a while, but the staff may be willing to sell you some if you ask nicely.
update 2006 - Bumpers is using a new token variety. Rather than "Bumpers" 3 times above each other, the tokens have "Bumpers" once with a bouncing ball over the top.

Coin Corner, 9215 E. Trent Ave (on North side of street, just East of Argonne) has a *big* junk box ($0.25 each) of mostly foreign, but also included some tokens (and some unusual foreign coins), worth a look! Also has 2 boxes of tokens/medals in 2x2s.

Coins Plus (on Division, inside Pounders Jewelry) has a big bucket of mixed coins, mostly foreign but some tokens. Price drops with quantity, but figure about $0.25 each unless you're just getting a couple, or are getting a whole lot. Fun to search through if you have some time. They don't seem to have any tokens apart from that.
update summer 2011 CoinsPlus now has their own building (next to Pounders) but I haven't had a chance to visit new location yet.

Spokane Coin Exchange, 508 W. Sprague Ave. (Downtown, on North side of street) has some tokens in a small junk box. Not a whole lot of material, but when I stopped by, they had some nice items at reasonable prices.
update summer 2004 - Spokane Coin Exchange has moved to a new location a few blocks away, I don't have the new address handy

Washington Coin & Jewelry Exchange, 2201 E. Sprague Ave. (NE corner of Sprague and Lee). Hours 10:30-3:00 M-F. Doesn't seem to have any tokens.

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