Gettone Telefonico

Italian telephone tokens, ~24mm in diameter, brass/bronze (seems to vary).

These tokens are interesting for two reasons:

First, the number under "TELEFONICO" indicates the year and month of use, with the first two digits giving the year, and the second two digits giving the month. The token show above, "7805" was used in the 5th month of '78, or May, 1978.

Second, the symbol above "GETTONE" is a mintmark, consisting of 2-3 letters in a recessed shape. Four mintmarks were used, and some dates are known with multiple mintmarks, as well as many dates lacking a mintmark.

These tokens seems to be reasonably common, although assembling a complete collection of dates and mintmarks would be quite challenging.

Complete List of Known Date/Mint combinations
Images of Mintmarks

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