Everything on this list, I will trade 1-1 for anything I can use, or better trades for better material. Any offers considered.
I also have another list of some better items.

About this list.

I have written a program to generate this list automatically. This should make it easier to keep the list updated, but the sorting of the list may not be perfect, though it should be pretty good.

F. Stevens token duplicates list, last updated: (1/10/16)

Transportation tokens [Atwood numbers, 5th ed. 1996]

Good-For tokens

Casino tokens

Parking tokens [Feisel numbers, 5th Ed. 1998]

Carwash tokens [Ford numbers, 2nd ed. 2001]

Miscellaneous tokens

Foreign (non-USA) tokens

Peep show & adult bookstore tokens

Older arcade tokens [Smith & Alpert numbers]

Modern arcade tokens [Smith & Alpert numbers]

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